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  • Vintage rainy cityscape oil painting in Baroque frame

    Rainy City Oil Painting in Vintage Baroque Frame

  • Vintage 90s handmade basket featuring all natural materials, front view

    Vintage Handmade Basket from Natural Materials

    Sale! $39.00 $25.00
  • Vintage Edwardian style boho hippie dress, up close view of front

    Vintage Edwardian Style Floral Full Length Hippie Boho Dress

    Sale! $159.00 $129.00
  • Authentic vintage 1967 poster Ashbury Haight Summer of Love

    1967 Poster Ashbury Haight Summer of Love, San Francisco

  • Foxhound figurine, side 2

    Small Foxhound Figurine

  • White porcelain platter plate in Delft style, front

    Vintage Scottish Platter Plate in Royal Delft Style

  • Vintage china miniatures of tea set

    Miniature Figurines of Tea Set

  • Vintage miniature figurine of puppy, view 1

    Miniature Figurine of Brown Puppy

  • Vintage china miniature figurines of furniture, table, chair, piano and piano stool

    Miniature Figurines of Furniture Featuring Piano

  • Vintage china miniature figurines of 2 deer, male stag and his fawn

    Miniature Figurines of Male Stag Deer and Fawn

  • Vintage china miniature figurines of 2 deer fawns

    Miniature Figurines of Two Deer Fawns

  • Vintage china miniature figurines of balinese cat and kittens

    Miniature Figurines of Balinese Mama Cat and Kittens

  • Vintage china miniature figurines of white poodle family

    Miniature Figurines of White Poodle Family

  • orcelain Dutch clog hand painted in Delft style featuring windmill, top view

    Porcelain Dutch Clog with Hand Painted Windmill

    Sale! $9.00 $8.00
  • Running mare figurine, view 1

    Vintage Breyer Horse Figurine of Running Mare

  • Running foal figurine, view 1

    Vintage Breyer Horse Figurine of Running Foal

  • White vintage ceramic bowl with lid by Walker China Company

    White Vintage Bowl with Lid by Walker China Company

    Sale! $19.00 $15.00
  • Ivory satin baby slippers from 1956

    Ivory Satin Baby Slippers from 1956

  • Italian white leather lipstick case front view

    White Leather Vintage Lipstick Case from Italy

    Sale! $9.00 $7.00
  • Small painted hanging ceramic square of a beautiful gray horse with brown bridle

    Painted Ceramic Vanity Dish of Bridled Gray Horse

    Sale! $21.00 $19.00
  • Two wooden dolls from Poland in traditional dress, front

    Wooden Boy & Girl Dolls Wearing Traditional Polish Dress

    Sale! $24.00 $19.00
  • Six silver wine goblets from Spain

    Set of 6 Silver Plated Wine Goblets Made in Spain

  • Viewmaster toy with two stories and 6 slides, front

    Viewmaster Toy from 1980s with 6 slides and 2 stories

  • Wilson top grain leather baseball glove for right hand, view of outside

    Vintage Wilson Baseball Mitt for Right Hand

    Sale! $39.00 $29.00

Showing 1–24 of 126 results